Every WildWhiz lesson encourages participants to be at the forefront of learning. Trainers who are practitioners of specific fields impart the knowledge. They encourage participants to be expressive in their learning.

While our trainers are vehicles that impart knowledge, participants hold the fort to navigate and enrich their learning experiences. These lessons are objective-oriented, guided by rationale and aims to achieve the desired outcome of each lessons.


Participants will enjoy individualand team activities that ensure co-operative learning. All WildWhiz lessons are parallel to MOE’s framework for a 21st Century Competency. These competencies are hoped to allow students to achieve the Desired Outcomes of Education. We strive to play a part in equipping participants with the 21st Century Competency.


Hence, all WildWhiz lessons for schools are in line with the current MOE curriculum, syllabus and directions. We strive to follow closely where possible, the lessons that have been taught in schools. Thus a WildWhiz lesson is an ideal enrichment module for students to strengthen their knowledge of the syllabus yet infused with a more holistic understanding of the knowledge through enrichment activities.


In every lesson, there is a mix of methods for learning. Thus, our lessons are catered to the needs of the participants. ICT-infused learning, co-operative learning and problem-solving are just some of the methods used in a WildWhiz lesson. Handson and theory lessons are the most common types of teaching methods for trainers. Nonetheless, in every WildWhiz lesson, there is an array of teaching strategies that can be utilized by trainers.




Therefore, the purpose of enrichment activities are met, that is to enhance the knowledge that students already have whilst polishing relevant information on every subject matter. Most importantly, participants will enjoy the activities and have fun learning. Every WildWhiz lesson is a thrilling yet fulfilling adventure.